Flamingo love explosion shin piece today. So much fun! Thanks diggzy you bloody ripper! ♥ #naepier #naepiertattoo #flamingo #love #tattoo

Such a babe! Ugghhhhhh ♥♥

Such a babe! Ugghhhhhh ♥♥

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I am not the bravest, nor the strongest, girl you will ever meet. I am not the most beautiful, nor the most graceful. But I am myself. I am the best me that there could ever be.
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Yep. One of dem days ♥

Afternoon walks for succulents with my love, first day off together since new years day, today rules! ♥



Flying High Over New York City

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Started some colour on megans half sleeve today, thanks megan! ♥Happy easter everyone! ♥

Lil emerald zapper for Emerald yesterday ♥

Lil snowball action on @kreepkid today. Thanks so manies shapoooooooopieeeeeeeeee ♥ more simpsons tattoos please!

Rod and todd for Aurora today, wraps the leg so a lil warped and bloody in this pic but you get the idea. So much fun!! ♥ more simpsons tattoos please! ♥♥♥

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