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New darker hurrrrrrrrrrrrzzzz

I need a haircut. #lame0 #selfie (Taken with Instagram)

New $12 Beanie! Pom poms and ear covers too! <3 (Taken with Instagram)

Curlz get the gurlz ;) (Taken with Instagram)

Girly day today :) (Taken with instagram)

Wishing I could stay in bed with the lil man all day #Flulyfe (Taken with instagram)

Cringe has a huuuuuuuuge head but he’s still adorable :)

Totes ready for drinks :P

Yay! Finally got my lobes to 2”! No more stretching for meeeeeee!

Philtrum is at 8mm now only 2mm to go! :)

My antique spectacle frames I scored today, can’t wait to put lenses in them! :-)

I miss this haiirrzzzzz… And I still has my baby horn implants too! Some days I miss them too :-(

Found lots of old selfies 0_o

My newest additions. Now to start my Xmas shopping! :-)