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Healed pic of mub cupi #no filter :) (Taken with instagram)

Today. Bends a lil weird on the arm but you get the idea :)(Taken with instagram) Naepier First blood Sydney

Whole day cancellation = this

One I finished earlier today. Copic markers <3

Lil something I’m working on :)


Pic-o-the day!

better pic of strawberry i did on @kyliegarth :) yay!


First Blood Sydney

(Reblogged from joeltrondotcom)

Leftover stickers from Sydney tattoo expo :) (Taken with instagram)

Iains Wu dawg :)

Naepier First blood Sydney

my phone camera sux balls :(

Zombie shark I did today. Thanks cam!

Naepier First blood Sydney

Scissor sister from another mister.

Mine and anges matching finger tattoos… Love her so much xo

Lil gangsta kewpie I did today on Kylie bear. So stoked! :)

Naepier First blood Sydney

My amazing new witchy hand! Thanks ange! :)

Bedrest = this…. Up for grabs.

Thigh piece or half sleeve preferred Msg me if you are interested :)

Naepier First blood Sydney